VUE Labor Management, Velarium's proprietary, cloud-based software, centralizes office process through one core system that allows labor unions and like organizations to access their data, 24/7, from any mobile device anywhere in the world.

VUE Labor Management's multiple service modules may be customized to meet the needs of each client. These modules include: Membership and Retirees, Finance, Dues and Reconciliation, Legal and Grievances, Apprenticeships, Dispatch and Organizing.


  • We automate inner office communications and business processes
  • We manage membership in real time from anywhere there is Internet access
  • We facilitate legal matters and grievances with secure military grade encryption
  • We integrate finance and general ledger eliminating any double entry
  • We service over 500,000 members in North America
  • We help find lost revenue

VUE Labor Union Management Software Modules

  • Velarium - Membership & Retirees

    Membership & Retirees

    Designed to meet the needs of unions and locals, VUE Labor Management centralizes membership and retiree data into one core system. This software module can be modified to conform to the needs of each client as it exists today as well as in the future.

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  • Velarium: Finance, Duest & Reconciliation

    Finance, Dues & Reconciliation

    VUE Labor Management's Finance, Dues and Reconciliation module allows you to track all your union's financial transactions in one integrated system. Financial translation tracking can track and analyze initiations, dues collection, reconciliation, political contributions and more.

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  • Velarium: Legal and Grievances

    Legal & Grievances

    VUE Labor Management's Legal and Grievance software module allows for the total automation and management of your unions Grievance process from filing to arbitration. Each step of the Grievance is monitored through the systems custom automation process.

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  • Velarium: Apprentiship


    VUE's Labor Union Apprenticeship module tracks training programs and manages all associated data. The Apprenticeship software tracks student applications and demographics, classes and class hours, pay levels, work hours as well as committee actions.

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  • Velarioum: Union Dispatch Software


    VUE's Union Dispatching Software is a total labor management solution that allows you to identify candidates, evaluate the job and search for appropriate candidates. It keeps track of members' capabilities, classifications, skills, ticketing and dispatches them to jobs.

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  • Organizing

    VUE Labor Management's Organizing Module allows you to organize your labor force by recording your district areas, and managing campaigns by tracking member assessments and activities, and all departments are provided access to this  information.

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VUE Labor Management Software

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